County Arts Club

Ladies Honours (Outdoor)

County & National Honours
2013/14P. Tomlinson, E. McMillan, M. Watson, S. M. CurtisCounty Fours - Winners
2011/12M. Watson, S. R. Curtis, S. M. CurtisCounty Triples - Winners
2010/11M. HooperCounty Champion of Champions - Winner
2009/10Y. Gant, E. McMillan, P. Miller, J. GroverCounty Fours - Winners
2009/10J. Rose, P. HatchCounty Pairs - Winners
2008/09M. HooperCounty Champion of Champions - Winner
2008/09M. WatsonCounty 4 Wood Singles - Winner
2006/07M. HooperCounty Champion of Champions - Winner
2006/07M. Hooper, M. Watson, R. NorrisCounty Triples - Winners
2005/06M. HooperCounty 2 Wood Singles - Winner
2005/06J. Rose, P. HatchCounty Pairs - Winners
2002/03M. Hooper, R. BastedCounty Pairs - Winners
2002/03B. Parnell, V. Atthowe, F. Moll, A. MitchamCounty Fours - Winners
2000/01S. R. Curtis, S. M. CurtisCounty Pairs - Winners
Ladies Singles (Paul Cup)
2016/17M Hooper
2015/16M Hooper
2014/15J Roylance
2013/14E. McMillan
2012/13E. McMillan
2011/12S. R. Curtis
2010/11M. Hooper
2009/10M. Hooper
2008/09M. Hooper
2007/08M. Hooper
2006/07M. Hooper
2005/06M. Hooper
2004/05H. Bloomfield
2003/04M. Hooper
2002/03R. Norris
2001/02S. Thompson
2000/01M. Hooper
Ladies 2 Wood Singles (Memory Cup)
2016/17M Hooper
2015/16H Watkins
2015/16M Hooper
2013/14E. McMillan
2012/13E. McMillan
2011/12V. Atthowe
2010/11E. McMillan
2009/10E. McMillan
2008/09E. McMillan
2007/08M. Hooper
2006/07A. Mitcham
2005/06M. Butler
Ladies Pairs (Bury Cup)
2016/17L Cushion, M Hooper
2015/16M Watson, M Hooper
2014/15M Watson, M Hooper
2013/14H. Watkins, S. M. Curtis
2012/13P. Tomlinson, E. McMillan
2011/12P. Tomlinson, E. McMillan
2010/11D. Moated, L. Smith
2009/10M. Hooper, M. Watson
2008/09P. Clarke, P. Hatch
2007/08P. Clarke, P. Hatch
2006/07V. Atthowe, R. Norris
2005/06B. Venn, M. Watson
2004/05M. Hooper, R. Basted
2003/04M. Hooper, M. Watson
2002/03V. Atthowe, R. Norris
2001/02V. Atthowe, R. Norris
2000/01V. Atthowe, R. Norris
Ladies Triples (Allwood Cup)
2016/17P Tomlinson, T Snelling, M Hooper
2015/16P Tomlinson, J Hubbard, I Andrews
2014/15M Hooper, D Jenkins, S.M.Curtis
2013/14J. Hubbard, A. Mitcham, M. Hooper
2012/13P. Clarke, G. Russen, S. O'Hara
2011/12M. Watson, E. McMillan, L. Cushion
2010/11L. Cushion, P. Tomlinson, H. Bater
2009/10K. Allen, L. Cushion, P. Heard
2008/09S. R. Curtis, J. Hubbard, E. McMillan
2007/08P. Clarke, A. Mitcham, J. Grover
2006/07P. Clarke, P. Tomlinson, R. Norris
2005/06L. Cushion, A. Parkinson, P. Clarke
2004/05P. Tomlinson, M. Rooney, J. Hubbard
2003/04A. Parkinson, H. Bloomfield, A. Mitcham
2002/03A. Fox, P. Miller, A. Mitcham
2001/02H. Sayer, A. Fox, R. Norris
2000/01V. Ive, M. Rooney, P. Miller
Ladies Fours (Annison Cup)
2016/17M Hooper, R Basted, T Barraclough, S.M.Curtis
2015/16M Hooper, R Basted, M Watson, S.M.Curtis
2014/15M Hooper, R Basted,M Watson, S.M.Curtis
2013/14B. Venn, P. Calton, C. Webb, J. Roylance
2012/13P. Clarke, B. Venn, J. Rose, P. Hatch
2011/12P. Tomlinson, L. Cushion, V. Atthowe, E. McMillan
2010/11P. Clarke, J. Rose, S. R. Curtis, P. Hatch
2009/10 P. Tomlinson, L. Cushion, E. McMillan, H. Bater
2008/09P. Tomlinson, L. Cushion, E. McMillan, M. Hooper
2007/08P. Clarke, Y. Gant, S. R. Curtis, P. Hatch
2006/07P. Clarke, Y. Gant, S. R. Curtis, P. Hatch
2005/06M. Hooper, R. Basted, J. Rose, A. Mitcham
2004/05P. Clarke, G. Reeve, S. Gee, P. Hatch
2003/04M. Watson, O. Bradshaw, H. Bloomfield, A. Mitcham
2002/03M. Hooper, R. Basted, F. Moll, P. Calton
2001/02H. Bloomfield, A. Mitcham, O. Bradshaw, R. Norris
2000/01H. Bloomfield, A. Mitcham, O. Bradshaw, R. Norris